Rhogic Culture

The RHOGIC family is guided by a set of foundational core values and principles etched in the hearts of every one of us. We call them our 7+1 CULTURE and they include:

Integrity of God’s Word: We believe that the bible is God-breathed and Holy spirit inspired. A timeless, enduring, all-encompassing, relevant truth that is influencing great change in our individual lives and the world, even today. It is our foundation and the source of ALL our authority.

Passionate Worship: We believe that God calls us to a lifestyle of worship. So whether we are eating, talking and working or singing, preaching or serving, our goal is to go beyond visible expressions and ensure that our whole being is evidence of the truth that we are worshippers.

Reverential Fear of God: We believe that God deserves our highest regard and honour and this we willingly give to Him with all reverence

Consciousness of Eternity: We believe that there’s life after death and that even though we are in this world we are not of this world. We are convinced that time has been given to us to prepare for eternity. This conviction propels us to reach out to others through evangelism and missions.

The Spirit of Excellence: We believe that our God is the most excellent God and so we strive to reflect excellence in all we do as individuals and as a church

Foundation of the Covenantal Love of God: We believe that God is love and that He loved us completely and unconditionally even before we knew Him. We also believe that giving is honest proof of love and that is why being recipients of his ever-lasting love, we are committed to generously extending love to others.

Dominion & Victory in Earthly Living: We believe that salvation includes dominion over sin, sickness, poverty and the works of the flesh.

Fervent Prayer: We believe in fervent, ceaseless prayers and the vital role it plays in our lives as believers. It empowers us to nurture a healthy lifestyle and grows our intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

We are reminded of these 10 core values by the acronym WW.FEEL.D.PRAYER.LS

W – Word(of God)
W – Worship (Passionate)
F – Fear of God (Reverential)
E – Eternity consciousness
E – Excellence
L – Love of God ( Reverential)
D – Dominion and victory in earthly living
PRAYER (Fervent)